Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly Update

Every week I plan a couple days for the kids and I to just stay home and relax together.  Yet every week we are busy every day.  I don't know how this happens but it is something I need to work on.  This week I was able to get out for a bit to go to a soap making workshop.  I've always wanted to try it but never got around to it.  It was amazing how easy it really was.  I thought working with the lye would be a bit tricky but by the end of the workshop I managed to make about seven bars of all natural soap...I chose lavender, tea tree and mint scents with seaweed for exfoliating.  They smell so good...and it was fun to get out and do something just for me.  On Monday Maddy had her hip hop class and then we headed to the park to meet some new friends.  By the end of the couple hours there the kids were all already asking to go to each others houses...the time flew by!  Tuesday we all headed to Everdale Farm.  If you've never been it is a must do in the area. Everdale is an organic farm and environmental learning centre.  They have created an environment that shows you how agriculture can be sustainable, how to be more energy efficient, and the importance of  healthy land for healthy people.  It is, as they say, a living classroom.  We did the farmer for a day program with some of our Barrie homeschooling friends.  What a day!  It rained...the whole day!  And that only made it more memorable.  The kids started out picking organic vegetables, cleaning and preparing them for soup and salad.  They had discussions about the importance of free range animals, and experienced carding sheep wool to make bracelets.  They spent time in the meadow with the sheep and carried around the chickens.  In the end they feasted on the soup and salad they made themselves.  It was hands on learning all day and they loved every minute! Ali has expressed an interest in volunteering there now and they are eager to have him, so we are making plans in that direction too.  So...we made it to Wednesday...time to slow down.  We took a day to sleep in and then headed to the donkey sanctuary.  It was an ideal place to meet people who could tell us all we needed to know about raising these adorable equines.  They have over a hundred rescued donkeys at their farm and it was easy to fall in love with them all.  We can't wait to get ourselves a few!

Every Thursday Maddy attends an enrichment program.  While she is off I usually take some time to bake and cook with Katie and Ali.  This week Katie helped make lemon poppy seed loaf and Ali made a chick pea salad.  I wish I had taken'll have to trust me...they were delicious!  Friday ended up being a home day...Maddy was not feeling great and no one really felt like going out so we hung out watching tv, playing games and knitting.  And thanks to our awesome new homeschooling friends, we had company for the afternoon to just sit and chat! Saturday?  errands..errands...and more errands.  But Sunday brought us a lovely visit with Cindy and Dad, and waaayyy too much coffee!  The kids helped Bill and Jeff clean up the "waterfront" for winter and it totally looks smashing!  In the afternoon Cindy and I took Ali, Maddy, Josh and Matt to donkey sanctuary again for their  World Animal Day celebration.  We totally froze our butts off!  And that meant more hot coffee from Timmies on the way home!  Now...I can't sleep from too much caffeine and I need to get ready for another busy week.

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